The Paspaley Couture Collection gathers together some of our finest, most exquisite jewellery pieces. Drawing together the cream of the South Sea harvest with the finest gems, precious metals and materials, each Paspaley Couture creation is a breathtaking masterpiece.

Each piece is a one-of-a-kind. Our philosophy of pearl-first design is dramatically showcased in each creation: a single outstanding pearl, so superb in quality or so unique in shape, can inspire the designer to create fascinatingly diverse pieces. Time is of no concern; a single piece of jewellery can take years to create as the designer waits for the perfect pearl to be revealed by the harvest.

Paspaley designs are meticulously handcrafted and brought to life by artisan jewellers.  These masterpieces of refinement and sophistication are created in the Paspaley jewellery atelier in Australia.


  • Couture Strand
    Couture Strand
  • Couture Clasp
    Couture Clasp
    Inspired by the Baz Luhrmann movie, Australia, this hand-crafted diamond-embellished statement design clasp evokes the glamour
  • Couture Earrings and Strands
    Couture Earrings and Strands
  • Couture Necklace
    Couture Necklace
  • Couture Necklace
    Couture Necklace
  • Couture Pendant
    Couture Pendant
  • Couture Collier
    Couture Collier
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