About the collection

Paspaley is proud to celebrate 80 years of Australian pearling heritage. We pay homage to the beginning of our journey with Maxima - an exclusive collection created with Australian mother-of-pearl, authentic to Paspaley.

Maxima is inspired by the sea; its mystery, depth and ever-changing spirit. This unique collection combines Australian mother-of-pearl with luminous South Sea pearls, created for women who ultimately want freedom in the way they wear their jewels.
Australian mother-of-pearl is sourced from the Pinctada maxima oyster. The largest of all pearl producing oysters, this shell is unrivalled in rarity, quality, nacre thickness, natural lustre and value.
Each piece of mother-of-pearl has been hand carved by our expert pearl graders using the same stringent principals used to grade Australian South Sea pearls. The flawless mother-of-pearl selected for Maxima exudes rainbow overtones, each piece displaying exceptional lustre and refracting the light at every angle, providing a striking iridescent effect.
Our latest designs combine striking black and white mother-of-pearl with luminous Australian South Sea pearls. Each diamond-trimmed droplet shape mimics the oceans movement, featuring an iridescence suited to daytime and after-dark.