Paspaley pearls are the world’s rarest and most valuable pearls. These exceptional gems are created by nature in Australia’s pristine northern oceans. They are unrivalled in size, nacre quality, natural colour and lustre.

Rockpool features exceptional pieces selected from our collection of rare cultured South Sea pearls, including a special selection of exquisite gem-quality keshi pearls. Only a small quantity of keshi pearls of this size and quality are discovered each year.

Created over many years, Rockpool features ocean-inspired elements including shells, coral and starfish, using one-of-a-kind gems, diamonds and rare Australian South Sea pearls, giving the illusion of sunlight reflecting off the water’s surface.

Each piece within this collection is an exceptional creation, some one-of-a-kind, incorporating rare gems and extraordinary pearls, reflecting the mysterious depths of the sea.

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  • Rockpool Pave Shell Earrings
    Rockpool Pave Shell Earrings
  • Rockpool Paraiba Set
    Rockpool Paraiba Set
  • Rockpool Mother-of-pearl Clam Set
    Rockpool Mother-of-pearl Clam Set
  • Rockpool Tourmaline Collier
    Rockpool Tourmaline Collier
  • Rockpool Tanzanite Set
    Rockpool Tanzanite Set
  • Rockpool Starfish Cuff
    Rockpool Starfish Cuff