Paspaley strands symbolise the adventure and beauty behind the quest for the perfect Australian South Sea pearl. To source and create a perfectly matched strand can take numerous yearly harvests – a masterful work of art of patience.

The creation of a perfectly matched strand can take up to a decade of harvests; a quest for perfection, demanding mastery and patience.  Paspaley pearl strands are available in a variety of pearl shapes, sizes and lengths.

Paspaley strands are identified by a brilliant cut diamond set seamlessly in the shoulder pearl of each strand. The Paspaley Strand Signature ® subtly identifies each Paspaley strand, representing the ultimate in strand quality.  Perfectly hand-matched for colour and expertly balanced in size, with the world’s most refined stringing technique, a prized strand of pearls is the hallmark of Paspaley. 

Paspaley strands feature a versatile clasp mechanism allowing the wearer to instantly personalise a prized strand with any one of Paspaley’s unique interchangeable clasps.  
A GIA (Gemmological Institute of America) certificate offers additional assurance that Paspaley pearl strands have not been artificially enhanced.  This independent endorsement of natural colour and natural lustre reaffirms Paspaley’s commitment to quality.


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