Megan HessFashion Illustrator–Australia

It is the passion and devotion to her craft that led Megan Hess to become a highly sought after fashion illustrator by many of the world’s most prestigious brands. Megan’s work has graced the covers of best selling books, publications and even the walls of New York department stores. With her unique style, Megan has made an indelible impression on the international stage.

No Two Are The Same

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Like no two women, no two pearls are the same. These wondrous gems emerge from the oyster radiant in their beauty, just as nature intended. Each with their own characteristics, Paspaley evaluates each pearl individually according to the 5 virtues: Lustre, Complexion, Shape, Colour & Size. It is the combination of these virtues that determines the unique beauty of each pearl.

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Inspired by the exotic and wild spirit inside every woman, the Viva by Paspaley collection features vibrant blue topaz, fiery mandarin garnets and elegant smoky quartz alongside the timeless allure of Australian South Sea pearls. Each precious stone has been shaped using the Paspaley spirit cut, a cutting technique unique only to Paspaley and this innovative collection. These discs of colour refract and reflect the light creating a vibrant elegance in every piece.

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