Amy PejkovicAthlete–Australia

At 20 years of age, Amy Pejkovic is already a remarkable inspiration. A champion high jumper and phenomenal athlete, Amy first represented Australia at the 2009 World Youth Championships where she won silver. Just as her career was surging ahead, Amy was suddenly faced with a seemingly overwhelming obstacle, but tackled it with a fierce determination that can only be described as inspirational.

No Two Are The Same

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Like no two women, no two pearls are the same. These wondrous gems emerge from the oyster radiant in their beauty, just as nature intended. Each with their own characteristics, Paspaley evaluates each pearl individually according to the 5 virtues: Lustre, Complexion, Shape, Colour & Size. It is the combination of these virtues that determines the unique beauty of each pearl.

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Lavalier by Paspaley is as unique as each woman who adorns it. Bringing together the characteristics of grace, elegance and natural beauty Lavalier is a timeless piece for every woman. Inspired by the nautical ropes and nets used to harvest wild pearl oysters, the Lavalier’s gold mesh falls sensually around a single Australian South Sea pearl. Each pearl is personally selected by the wearer, resulting in a unique and truly magnificent design.

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