Anne GeddesPhotographer–Australia

Renowned for her beautiful photographs of babies and children, Anne Geddes has sold millions of books and calendars around the world. With a creative eye for imagery, Anne uses amusing settings to capture the innocence and vulnerability of youth. It is an unwavering spirit and a firm belief in her unique style that has earned Anne Geddes acclaim as a photographer and success as a businesswoman.

No Two Are The Same

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Like no two women, no two pearls are the same. These wondrous gems emerge from the oyster radiant in their beauty, just as nature intended. Each with their own characteristics, Paspaley evaluates each pearl individually according to the 5 virtues: Lustre, Complexion, Shape, Colour & Size. It is the combination of these virtues that determines the unique beauty of each pearl.

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The ultimate icon of femininity and power, no two Paspaley strands are the same. The creation of the perfect strand can take up to a decade to harvest, as meticulous care is taken in ensuring the individuality of each pearl is showcased. Paspaley strands range from chic, to dramatically opulent offering the perfect strand for every woman.

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