Our HistoryAustralia–1935

Behind the singular beauty of Paspaley Australian South Sea pearls is a journey of passion and adventure that began more than 75 years ago on the remote and unspoilt coastline of northern Australia. Paspaley’s involvement in pearling dates back to 1935 when Nicholas Paspaley Senior MBE first collected mother-of-pearl shell. He established a family passion that has evolved to become the world’s leading Australian South Sea pearling company.

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The rare cultured pearls of Paspaley today are incomparable in lustre and beauty. The coastline off Eighty Mile beach in Western Australia is home to the last of the world’s most prolific wild Pinctada Maxima oyster beds. Each wild pearl oyster is hand collected from the ocean floor by Paspaley divers, just as it has been done for generations.

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Lavalier by Paspaley is as unique as each woman who adorns it. Bringing together the characteristics of grace, elegance and natural beauty Lavalier is a timeless piece for every woman. Inspired by the nautical ropes and nets used to harvest wild pearl oysters, the Lavalier’s gold mesh falls sensually around a single Australian South Sea pearl. Each pearl is personally selected by the wearer, resulting in a unique and truly magnificent design.

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