Living in Harmony with Nature

Paspaley remains committed to protecting the pristine and natural oceans of Northern Australia. Driven by the philosophy ‘leave no footprint’, we have long appreciated the knowledge that a pearl’s quality and beauty is intrinsically influenced by the waters in which it grows.

Scientific studies have proven the zero environmental impact of Paspaley’s pearl farming techniques on the environment. Today we are a world authority in research and development of the fragile Pinctada Maxima oyster, and world leaders in sustainable aquaculture practices.

The natural beauty and quality of our pearls is inextricably intertwined with the pristine condition of the oyster’s natural habitat. Respect for the environment is fundamental to ensuring a sustainable future for the inimitable Paspaley pearl.

Nurturing Young Lives

As a family company that honours commitment, we champion causes that extend beyond our love of the environment. We cherish long term relationships with charities that are committed to nurturing our upcoming generation of children. We believe that investing in tomorrow’s generation is a priority; every child deserves to be loved and every child deserves an opportunity to live in a pure environment.

Paspaley is committed to long term, dedicated relationships with the children’s charities that we are proud to call partners. Financial support is just a beginning; our association and friendship with these charities around the country and the admirable work that they do is a treasure beyond price.


Supported Causes

Sydney Children's Hospital Foundation
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Seriously ill children need a safe haven and the best quality of life we can give them. The foundation has worked tirelessly to raise funds and awareness for the hospital, with their signature annual Gold Dinner, which Paspaley proudly supports, having raised $13 million to date.

Starlight Foundation
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The Starlight Foundation has a beautiful mandate: to lift the spirits of hospitalised kids with magic, music, crafts and entertainment; to brighten their lives, just as the stars brighten the night sky. The Paspaley Star Ball in Darwin has become the gala event that heralds the onset of the Territory's dry season, and helps our kids.

The Alannah and Madeline Foundation
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The Alannah and Madeline Foundation is a national charity protecting children from violence and its devastating impact.

The Foundation was set up in memory of Alannah and Madeline Mikac, aged six and three, who were tragically killed with their mother and 32 others at Port Arthur, Tasmania on 28 April 1996 and plays an advocacy role as a voice against childhood violence.

The Financial Markets Foundation for Children
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The Financial Markets Foundation for Children promotes the health and welfare of Australian children through a wide range of projects designed specifically to improve the health, welfare and well-being of the future of Australia - our children.

Fight Cancer Foundation
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The Fight Cancer Foundation is dedicated to providing care, treatment and support for people with leukaemia and other forms of cancer and funds research into better treatment methods, early detection tests and to find a cure for leukaemia and other cancers.

The Garvan Institute
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The Garvan Institute of Medical Research is a world leader in biomedical research, pioneering study into some of the most widespread diseases affecting our community today.

Cancer Council Australia
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The Cancer Council are the leading independent funders of cancer research in Australia and provide information to doctors and health professionals, provide treatment and patient support as well as publishing the National Cancer Prevention Policy which advocates for a concerted and comprehensive national approach to the prevention of cancer.


Additional Activities

Our philanthropic activities extend beyond these associations and over the
years we have enjoyed a strong alliance with many Australian charities and