The Kimberley Bracelet


Introducing the Kimberley Bracelet, inspired by the rugged beauty of Australia’s north-west, this bracelet features sandalwood and hand-selected Paspaley Australian South Sea pearls unique to the Kimberley – the birthplace of the rarest and most valuable pearls in the world. 25% of the proceeds from each bracelet is donated to the cancer research division at the Garvan Institute of Medical Research – one of Australia’s largest medical research institutions.

The pearl is the hero of this bracelet, luminous against the raw beauty of the sandalwood.

Choose from a range of one or two pearls, in different shapes and sizes, also available with sandblasted black onyx.

Style together or with a signature Paspaley strand bracelet.

Your donation allows you to choose which type of cancer research you wish to support – in the aim of sourcing a cure for major illness.

The Kimberley Bracelets are available across all Paspaley boutiques. 

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  • Kimberley Bracelet
    Kimberley Bracelet
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