Dive Guided by Stars Coin Charm Small - Yellow Gold

The Dive Coin Charm Pendants represent old Dutch guilders found by pearl divers in shipwrecks along the Kimberley coastline. Each coin charm is framed by a delicate yellow gold rope detail with diamonds and intricately engraved mother-of-pearl. Coconut Octopus - Inspired by the unique sea creatures, like the octopi, that inhabit Broome’s pearl beds and by Paspaley pearl divers’ tattoos, this design is perfect for the animal lover. Guided by Stars - The original pearl divers used the stars to navigate the ocean. This design is inspired by Paspaley pearl divers’ tattoos. The skull represents mortality and the spirit of a crew at sea.
Paspaley Dive Charm Accessory in 18kt Yellow Gold with Mother-of-Pearl and 67 White Diamonds 0.25ct ‘Guided by Stars’ & ‘Octopus’ - 20mm. Chain sold separately.
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AUD 4,980.00