Dive Mermaid Coin Charm Small - White Gold

The Dive Coin Charm Pendants represent old Dutch guilders found by pearl divers in shipwrecks along the Kimberley coastline. Each coin charm is framed by a delicate yellow gold rope detail with diamonds and intricately engraved mother-of-pearl. Mermaid - This strong mermaid design represents women connecting with the wild side of nature and themselves. Barramundi Mandala - A playful and intricate design borrowing elements from our divers’ tattoos and the iconic saltwater barramundi found in the Kimberley. From afar it looks like a flower, but look closely and you will see the fish.
Paspaley Dive Charm Accessory in 18kt White Gold with Mother-of-Pearl and 69 White Diamonds 0.26ct ‘Mermaid’ & ‘Barramundi’ - 20mm. Chain sold separately.
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AUD 4,980.00