Behind the Scenes - Wild by Paspaley

Behind the Scenes - Wild by Paspaley

We are wild inside. The Wild campaign story is dedicated to the enigmatic spirit of the Paspaley woman. Life can subdue her if she lets it. But she knows she’s at her most powerful in her natural state – when she trusts herself, listens to her wildest instincts and honours her emotions.

The Wild collection that adorns our muse Leila George comes straight from nature. Inspired by pearls from such a wild place, a gateway that transports her to her own memories and experiences of being out in the wild, where her inner spirit was free to be released and untamed.

Designed for the free-spirited wearer, the collection evokes a sense of freedom, escapism, and adventure. To celebrate the collection, the campaign creative sees Leila out in the remote Kimberley region, dazzling in Paspaley jewellery, dancing freely, unencumbered, and wild.

Nature connects us to what’s real. Every piece in the Wild collection is a connection to that power, the raw honest beauty of the natural world.

From the beautiful array of desert and beach locations at Kooljaman (Cape Leveque), to the Derby plains, the Windjana Gorge and the Napier mountain ranges this is Wild by Paspaley.

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