We adventured through the Kimberley – the birthplace of our pearls, with the Art Gallery of NSW, exploring one of the most awe-inspiring destination on earth.

The Kimberley is home to the Wanjina Wunggurr people, their country contains some of the world’s most ancient rock art. Their sacred Wandjina images reflect a rich and complex culture tied to the land and history of people in Lalia (dreaming or the Dreamtime).

For decades, the Paspaley family has worked in harmony with nature in this remote location, in the quest for the perfect pearl.

The adventure combined sacred art sites and pristine pearl farms, abroad our fleet of purpose built vessels and aircrafts.

Luke Sciberras – one of Australia’s most distinguished landscape artists – journeyed with us through the Kimberley, capturing this unique experience through his art.

“Sometimes, only occasionally there is a place and more importantly a sense of place that is a revelation - the Kimberley coast has become one of them! The staggering contrast between the rugged escarpments that loom high in the baking heat, above the pristine waterways that scintillate with all, absolutely all the colours of the rainbow. The abrasive reds that glow on the rocky islands appear so incredibly arid against the fat bellies of the boabs that line the stunning white beaches.

All this natural beauty is also presented in crucible form in every south sea pearl shell that comes up from the impressive lines of pearl farms worked by the Paspaley family who along with the Art Gallery of New South Wales hosted me on a series of grand adventures last spring.

To be immersed in the industry of all the goings on among the ships and seaplanes, production lines at dawn and on board laboratories was as illuminating as the landscape itself. This body of work is the culmination of a year’s work, reflecting on all I learned onboard Paspaley’s ships and with guidance from them and the local indigenous people, up and down the escarpments and bays of some of the most beautiful places on earth!”

- Luke Sciberras

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